SHBBSKS004 - Provide upper body piercing                                                                                                        


Short Course


Here at Australian Institute of Body Arts (AIBA) we are offering short courses so that you may fine tune specific skills.  Once you have successfully completed  one of our short courses, or one unit of competency, then this short course will earn you a Statement of Attainment (SOA) in partial completion of the SHB50110 Diploma of beauty therapy; a nationally accredited qualification. Our short courses provide the practical skills and knowledge required of professionals in the beauty industry.


At the Australian Institute of Body Arts, we take great pride in teaching our students how to body pierce in a safe, hygienic manner. Students that undertake our course will learn the appropriate sites to pierce, the types of jewellery to use, how to measure and mark the skin in preparation of a piercing procedure and will leave us with confidence knowing that they are able to carry out any upper body piercing with confidence, knowledgeable in the methods, techniques and professionalism to perform any piercing, providing the highest of quality procedures on their clients.


This course will provide you with substantial experience in a range of settings with procedures, clients and skin types for those who are seeking to further develop their skills across either specific or a range of salon skills.

Just some of the range of upper body piercing procedures in this short course include:

  • ala of nose
  • ear cartilage, any of:
  • antihelix
  • antitragus
  • daith
  • helix
  • tragus
  • navel
  • eyebrow
  • lip


Units of competency and Course Requirements           Support             Duration                Assessment Methods  


Live Models           Course Fees            Why Study with Us?



This short course on Body Piercing includes the units:


SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards 

SHBBSKS004 - Provide upper body piercings


This short course forms part of the SHB50115 Diploma of beauty therapy.   This course provides the practical skills and knowledge required of professional upper body piercing practitioners in the personal services industry. This course will allow you to focus on the particular skill of upper body piercing to enhance the services your salon is offering clients.

SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards is the pre-requisite unit for any skin penetration procedure. By law, this unit of competency must be completed in Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania prior to any person being able to perform skin penetration procedures. In this case, this means this unit is successfully completed prior to SHBBSKS004 - Provide upper body piercings .


Distance education means you are sent the learning content and theory assessment tasks so that you may study at home at a time convenient to you.  When you have successfully completed your theory assessments, we will arrange for you to practise your skills and be assessed in a mutually agreed professional workplace.

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification however, to complete this short course, you will need:

Sufficient language, literacy and numeracy skills to complete the course.

To read the AIBA Handbook to ensure awareness of the rights and responsibilities as a learner.

When you have successfully completed the theory component the learning content prepares you for the practical learning and assessment in a workplace or in some instances, a simulated workplace.

Practical assessments include a range of procedures which are scenario based.  As a learner, you will be fully informed each step of the course and assessment.


Assessment Methods

Learners receive engaging and visual learning content teamed with comprehensive trainer support.  This learning content and support prepares you for the theory assessments which include:

Short answer questions

Scenarios with questions

Case studies

Practical Project activities


Live Models

Learners are required to supply their own models for both practical training and assessment. Models are required to pay Australian Institute of Body Arts (AIBA) a minimum model fee per procedure.



Throughout this qualification, you will be fully supported by AIBA’s qualified trainers.  We provide an exemplary support service for all learners including regular catch up telephone calls and emails.  We are here to assist you throughout your learning journey.



Learners have 3 months to complete this short course.  Learners can apply for an extension by emailing AIBA for additional time.


Short course in Upper Body Piercing: $2500

SHBBINF001 - Maintain infection control standards: $500


Payment Details

Payment Amount

Payment Due

Prepaid fee to be paid in full at time of enrolment.


Upon Enrolment

Partial payment due


Week 4

Final payment due prior to confirmation of work based practical learning and assessments


Prior to practical assessment being confirmed


Why Study with Us?


AIBA is led by an industry professional who has designed this course with today’s beauty salon and client needs in mind.

Due to AIBA’s distance learning arrangement, all of your training and assessment materials are available at your fingertips.  Your practical assessment is conducted in a professional environment with real clients.

Throughout your learning and assessment you will be provided with a vast amount of very different and real scenarios that you may come across in a professional capacity.


This short course may lead you to consider strengthening your competencies by completing the SHB50115 Diploma of beauty therapy.